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Water purification industry standard: the number of miscellaneous lack of mandatory standards

In recent years, with the aggravation of environmental pollution, drinking water safety is more and more high, the outbreak period into the blowout type domestic water purifier market, the number in the water purification industry enterprises reached more than 3000, the province engaged in this industry enterprises have more than 200. As the market heats up, competition is becoming more intense.
But the product is mixed, uneven quality and other issues still plagued the industry development. April 2, 2017, CCTV “weekly quality report” broadcast water purifier quality investigation revealed that the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau commissioned the Lianyungang quality inspection center for the domestic hot water regulators conducted random checks. Survey results show that in the sample of 45 brands of 60 samples, nearly half of the products failed, while the market there are a large number of undocumented production enterprises OEM processing water purifier.
“In fact, China’s water purification equipment industry is not a lack of standards. In the water quality standards and Specifications issued by the Ministry of health, nearly 10 items of water purification equipment are involved.” Wang 61 believes that the current standard is not strong, still needs to be improved. For example, water purification products maintenance service standards, standards should be divided according to regions, because the region’s water and water quality conditions are not the same. If the formulation of water purification equipment should be standard, industry organizations have the right to speak, because the industry organization for many industry experts and the industry outstanding enterprises, most of them understand the terminal equipment for purifying degree and water quality, and the industry organization is also worthy of trust. An enterprise may lack of supervision, two enterprises may collaborate, more and more enterprises together is the sincere cooperation and mutual supervision. If a small number of enterprises fail to develop in a healthy way, the whole industry will suffer, and all enterprises will be affected.
“In the face of huge market share, a lot of clean water enterprises have sprung up.” 61 Wang analysis, water purification products market in our province is relatively active, nearly a thousand dealers, agents at all levels of the market distribution across the province, but the team scattered, small scale, market competition blindly, innovation advantage weakening and self-discipline is not strong, seriously affecting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry and the interests of consumers.
“The lack of unified standards for national standards for aquatic products and the uneven level of competition among enterprises require the trade associations to stand up and lead the healthy development of all.” As a well-known domestic water treatment experts say the 61 King association was founded in mind, industry norms and progress all cannot do without the coordination of industry associations and to promote the association to reflect the market subject’s intention, the relationship between the government and the market, especially in the current rapid development of China’s response to the industry caused by water pollution and drinking water safety problems the critical moment, to do a good job of water enterprise “guide”.
Overall, the lack of national standards for water purification industry, so that the industry is not standardized, providing low quality products for the survival of the soil. Hope that the relevant parts and water purification industry should strengthen industry standards, the introduction of mandatory standards as early as possible, while increasing supervision. At the same time, upstream accessories impact on the overall development of the industry is critical, but also need to focus on supervision.” A person from Zhongshan’s water purification company said

Commercial water purification market has become a new blue ocean enterprises, have layout

August 26th, 2017, Angel new global conference held in Shenzhen. Reporters learned from the meeting, the domestic household drinking water market gradually mature, the first half of the growth rate slowed to 19%, while the commercial water purification market has become a new blue ocean, enterprises have layout.
Commercial water purification market has become a new blue ocean enterprises, have layout
According to the general manager of Beijing PRC, market research company Jia Dongsheng introduced this year, the domestic water purification equipment market still maintain good growth, 1-7 months of 2017 domestic retail sales of 19 billion yuan, an increase of 19%. Over the past three years, the domestic water purification equipment market growth rate slowed from 64.7% to 21.3%, 46.1%, 2014, 2015 and 2016 retail sales were 15 billion 690 million yuan, 22 billion 920 million yuan and 27 billion 810 million yuan.
Jia Dongsheng said, from a few major water market segments, water purifier, pipeline machine, straight drink machine, low market share, from the same state, positive growth water purifier has 2.4%, accounted for 15.7%. However, the direct drinking machine is negative growth, the share of the pipeline machine is very small, the main play is pure water machine, an increase of 30.1%, more than the overall market 19%.
At the conference, Angel released five major innovation technology, launched the Angel A6Pro water purifier, 2017 series of pure drinking water products and other powerful lineup. Kong Na, executive vice president of Angel group, said that since 2014, the past three years, Angel has continued to achieve technological breakthroughs, and the Dow Chemical Company teamed up to develop water purifier reverse osmosis membrane. Services are also constantly upgrading, this year will use the Internet of things technology, the water purifier and faucet connection, water quality changes in the faucet on the monitor, will take the initiative to remind users to replace chips in time.
With the commercial water purification market to become a new blue ocean, Angel in the consolidation of domestic water purification market on the basis of, but also in the commercial water purification market layout, has set up a special two level subsidiary. Kong Na said, the Angel group’s business is divided into three sections, one is the household water sector, including online and offline, B2B market, Angel’s strategy is a solid line market, vigorously offensive line market, cultivate the B2B market; the two is commercial water purification plate, is actively layout; three is the overseas the plate, will accelerate the pace of internationalization, hope the independent brand to go abroad.
In Kong Na’s view, offices, schools, hospitals, and even Starbucks and other catering enterprises, have clean drinking water demand, so a great opportunity, “is expected to 2020, domestic commercial water purification market will reach 20 billion yuan”.

Market dividend will continue to grow, water purifier dealers usher in opportunities for development

With the improvement of people’s living standard and more and more attention to health, people’s demand for drinking water quality is higher and higher. Drinking water and health have become the focus and focus of public attention. But after several years of development, a lot of investment will have many doubts, now enter the water industry can make money? The domestic water market is still growing? Water purifier investment is not growing? Today is to analyze the next few years the water purifier market agent will have a trend of how.
First, the number of agents continues to increase
Before the water purifier is necessary for the high-end consumers of home appliances, now with more mature technology and the improvement of living standard, the water purifier has become a common product of ordinary families, especially in the current water quality and safety problems often arise, let people have more concerns about the quality of the tap water. The water purifier can be through the purification process for sterilization of filtering on the water, let water beyond the international safety standard, water purifier allow people to have more sense of trust, thus leading the water purifier market unpopular, agents will be poured into the blue ocean market, the number of growth trend.
Two, agents will increase the threshold
With the water purifier agents continue to increase, many irregular small shops also entered the market, through some unfair means of competition caused some adverse effects on the market. The water purifier manufacturers for small shops requirements are constantly improve, water purifier for the early development of a small part of the sale mode, but because of the size of the expansion and market blitz, have been replaced by the stores and dealers mode, manufacturers have given strong support from the store location to store decoration products the sample to the opening activities have professional guidance. I believe that in the future, many water purifier manufacturers will be more agents such as funding, the company size, promotion team and other requirements, to constantly regulate and improve the water purifier market.
Three, agents thinking constantly innovation
Enter the “Internet plus” era, let the sales of the products are no longer confined to the traditional sales model, the Internet marketing thinking is gradually gaining recognition by agents, innovative thinking to broaden their sales network. Perfect sales network layout for manufacturers and is also from a second tier city began to transfer to the three or four line of the city, forming a layout of the sales channels; the transfer line from the line, the Jingdong, Tmall, Suning shop price benchmark. Let more three or four line city consumers can buy satisfactory water purifier products, drink safe, assured high quality water.
Four, agents policy dividends will continue
The water purifier manufacturers currently still mainly rely on agents to promote products, because the water purifier is recognized by consumers and trust, market competition has become more fierce than before, when recruiting agents, water purifier manufacturers will also provide more preferential policies to attract more agent, can alleviate the agents of funds the pressure to a great extent, the water purifier agent is a very good policy.

How to choose one hundred billion clean water wealth agent household water purifier?

In recent years, the water market has maintained a rapid growth trend, water purification equipment, the total retail sales accounted for the proportion of the overall market of home appliances has increased from 0.5% in 2012 to 1.8% in 2016, to become the enterprise to gold mining, and water purification agent, has become a lot of very interested entrepreneurs who the. But the domestic water purifier brand is mixed, which brand is good to choose, please listen to Xiaobian for your advice.
First, a good product is the key
For water purifier agents, a good product is half the battle. Good products will speak, and those reliable quality, advanced technology, easy to use, meet the target consumer demand for use and aesthetic needs of products, more easily accessible to consumers. Water purifier is a daily need to use things, and always protect the health and safety of drinking water, consumers in the importance of water purifier brand awareness, while more attention to the quality of the product. Those who have R & D and production, only rely on OEM brand, even marketing gimmicks, the advertising hit again, if not in the product research and development efforts, not to strictly control the quality of products, and consumers will eventually be out of time.
Two, a good marketing team is successful water purifier agent guarantee
Water purifier agent choose water purifier brand, we must pay attention to the brand marketing team, such as team size, quality of personnel, performance cases, the best person and their team of backbone communication about the understanding of their marketing mode and the specific mode of operation. Good marketing team will sincerely help water purifier agent to consider, to help rational allocation of existing resources agents, establish a sound distribution system, take the right water purifier franchise road. And a lot of water purifier brand, no professional marketing team, or the team personnel quality level is uneven, lack of ability, not to water purification agents better support and help, even managed to make agents continue to purchase, hollowed out agents of money, regardless of whether the agent.
Three, manufacturers pay more attention to service
Water purifier industry is a very service oriented industry. Because the water purifier is used every day by consumers, the use of high frequency, and regular replacement of the filter, so timely service can guarantee that does not affect the daily use of consumers. There are a lot of water purifier brand, just deceive consumers to sell products and services to make money, it is relatively time consuming energy customer service, consumers buy machine of a problem or need to replace the filter, but can not find people, let consumers suffer. Such brands are not destined to last long, nor can their agents succeed in the long run.

Guang’an further promote “clean water” action, strengthen drinking water safety protection

The water purifier [network] August 24th, district GUI Xing Zhen Xiangshui Cun striker Wu Huigang 1 groups of villagers to unscrew the faucet, tap water flows into the white tank.
To eat clean, assured tap water, in Wu Huigang’s eyes, this is the city, some people living. In recent years, the village of Xiangshui has invested 490 thousand yuan of funds, 1 new centralized water supply stations, installation of water supply network 13.2 kilometers, to solve the villagers safe drinking water problems.
The construction of Xiangshui village centralized water supply station is a microcosm of the special action of Guang’an to further promote clean water action and carry out drinking water safety protection. Since 2015, the city’s new centralized water supply project 162, 3359 scattered projects, to solve the 34 townships, 234 administrative villages, 151 thousand and 600 people drinking water problems.
Strengthening drinking water safety guarantee
In August 24th, the reporter Station in Yuechi County high Ertan Reservoir Dam, the dark peaks of the endless, wide water glittering, a clear green shore panoramic view.
The reservoir water quality is closely related to the ecological environment.” Large gaotan reservoir management director Yin Lin introduced, in order to ensure the safety of water, in recent years, the reservoir area a total ban on livestock and poultry farms in the area around the reservoir water source protection, the implementation of returning farmland to forest and grassland, and strengthen water dynamic inspection and monitoring of water, regular garbage clean-up salvage, protection of drinking water sources.

Analysis of water purifier popularity and competition trend in China in 2017

[Chinese water purifier] the development of anything must undergo a tortuous process. The development of water purifier industry like other industries, also experienced several ups and downs, although at present, the domestic popularity of household water purification rate is still relatively low, far less than the water purification equipment, more than 70% households in Europe, Japan and other countries of the domestic popularity, this figure is less than 8%. Water purifier popularity is low, not domestic demand, nor is there no capacity supply. Reflect from the consumer situation, not without demand, but “fear” in general, the domestic water purifier product penetration rate is low, mainly willing to three major factors:
Consumer awareness, drinking habits difference
Although more and more people began to pay attention to water purification equipment, but as a whole, the overall consumer awareness of water purification products still exist cognitive fuzzy stage. The current market situation of water purifiers is that the consumers have the demand, but there is no one that can really meet the requirements. Western developed countries hundreds of years of habit is directly drink unboiled water, and China tradition is to drink boiling water. In the eyes of Europeans, tap water is a direct drink of water, and European drinking water standards are uniform, whether it’s tap water or bottled water.
Production enterprises surged, the good and bad intermingled
As a result of promising industry prospects, more and more enterprises have been stationed in the water purifier industry in recent years. China now has more than 3000 manufacturers of water purification products, the number of these two years will increase, competition among enterprises is also growing. And many enterprises have no product development and technological innovation capability, product homogeneity serious, no modern testing equipment, product quality control ability is limited, customer service service up, these problems become a problem faced after joining the dealer.

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